91' Nissan Z32

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91' Nissan Z32

Post  dantesz32 on Wed May 04, 2011 7:56 pm

Well heres a few pics of my baby. So far this is what i have down to her;

HKS HI-Power exhaust,
JWT lightweight flywheel,
ACT clutch,
cone air filter,
Stage 3 ecu,
gauge rings,
blue led gauge light mod,
red stiched shifter, boots,
KYB AGX suspension with Tein S-tech springs,
adjustable front and read control arms,
tension arms
brembo rotors withhawk pads,
JDM rear lights,
smoked corner lights and rear side markers,
Memphis Amp and 12 inch sub.
Thats all i can remember for the moment. But here are some pics.


Old ass parts...time to go


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