Rules for the Club

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Rules for the Club

Post  dantesz32 on Wed May 04, 2011 8:44 pm

If your reading this then someone has suggested you join the club. These are a few things to keep in mind.

First, our normal meet time is 6ish on Saturday at Cups and Cones. Its located on Hwy 101 right before Mcotter Blvd if your coming from 70.

Second, meets are not who's car is better than the other guys. Not a competition. Its a place where people who like the cars they have and wanna chill with people that have the same feelings towards their cars.

Third, we are all local and a good part of us are military. With that said we try to stay out of trouble and out of the radar. Not that we don't wanna be seen, cause we do. Just we don't want the cops to be looking to bust us. So that means when we go cruise or just go drive over to the local place to eat don't go trying to race the whole caravan. You can do that on your own time and make yourself look bad. Not the club. There are plenty of Auto-X events and tracks around to get your need for speed satisfied. And play loud music. Showing off your sound system briefly is one thing, same as your exhaust, but sitting there and jamming out and revving till your blow isn't a good idea. And do stupid stuff in the parking lot, such as burnouts and drifting. The lot is small and if you mess up you can ruin someones day real quick.

Fourth, be respectful of the staff and the establishment. The ice cream shop is open to the public and its generally younger kids in there. So try to watch your language while your inside. They are kind enough to lend us the parking lot and give us a ten percent discount.


Sixth, if you start breaking rules often enough we will politely as you to leave. And if thats not enough the owners of the establishment can have you taken off.

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